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About us

Durbanville Doctor is a family practice in the truest sense of the word.​

Siblings, Dr Nadia and Ruan Venter, are moving this well established practice into the future with their emphasis on quality, compassionate medical care.

At Durbanville Doctor we pride ourselves in spending time with our patients in order to arrive at the at the best diagnosis we can, and to help you make decisions that will prolong your healthspan and your lifespan.

GP Services
  • GP consultations

  • Blood tests

  • Pap smears

  • Sugar testing, cholesterol testing

  • HIV testing

  • Chronic disease management and counseling

  • Minor procedures - sutures, mole/ skin tag removal, wart treatment with liquid nitrogen

  • Insurance medicals

  • Family planning

  • Pregnancy testing

  • ECG's

  • Child Health

  • Lung function testing

  • 24 hr Blood pressure monitoring

  • Ozone Therapy

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