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If you are suffering from an illness or injury, just require medical care, or if you have a chronic medical condition and need ongoing management, we are here to provide a professional and comprehensive medical service.  



We are committed to excellence in our health care service.  

Family Health

We do:


  • Treatment of chronic conditions including diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, asthma, COPD and various others. 

  • Routine checkups and screening

  • Medicals for Insurance purposes

  • Treatment of acute illnesses

  • Lung function tests, ECG's, blood tests, urine tests and pregnancy tests 


Wound care

we do:  


  • suturing of wounds

  • wound checks and dressings

Emergency services

Please contact ER 24 or attend your local 24 hr emergency centre:


Capegate Mediclinic

Tel:  021 983 1680

Durbanville Mediclinic

Tel: 021 975 3962

Child Health

Dr. Hiscock also holds a Diploma in Child Health, is a mother of 2 children, and is passionate about working with children.



We have invested in the latest CyroProbe pen technology to ensure fast, effective and painless treatments.


We do:


  • mole checks

  • treatment of common skin conditions

  • warts

  • seborrheic keratosis

  • skin tags

  • molluscum contagiosum

  • actinic keratosis

  • solar lentigo

  • condyloma accuminate

  • angiofibroma

  • dermafibroma

Emergency Medicine

Dr Ruan Venter has a Diploma in Emergency Medicine and is well experienced in this field.

Women's health

We do:


  • pap smears

  • breast examinations  

  • family planning


We refer to Dr Schnetler, Corbett & Partners

Tel 021 9831680 Capegate Mediclinic

Tel 0219753962 Durbanville Mediclinic


Durbanville Doctor recently invested in one of the leading high tech Ozone generators from Longevity in Cananda. 

Dr Venter practiced under supervision of Dr Hilda Landman in Stellenbosch who is regarded as one of the leading Ozone practitioners in South Africa.  

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