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Quality evidence based comprehensive healthcare for all our patients




To provide high quality, personal, comprehensive primary healthcare to patients in a warm, friendly, professional and courteous environment where latest evidence based medicine is used to ensure the best advice and management of patients is provided



- to provide a high standard of clinical care to our patients
- to use evidence base medicine to ensure optimal and up to date medical practice
- to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality
- to treat all patients with kindness and respect
- to ensure our patients are well informed about their health and medical diagnosis and
 able to decide on and participate in their health management plan
- to continually strive to provide the best service we can
- to provide an atmosphere where patients feel comfortable and happy to be treated
- to have a clean and safe practice for patients and staff
- to use equipment which is well maintained and up to date
- to communicate effectively with our patients to ensure they leave the practice feeling
  heard and understood and having had their needs met.
- to refer to specialist and other health care professionals where it is appropriate and in
 the best interests of the patient to do so
- to do only appropriate investigations and provide cost effective healthcare that is
  affordable to the patients
- to try our best to respond to patients queries timeously and appropriately should they      
- to provide a safe, comfortable and happy work environment for the staff
- To ensure the staff feel supported in a work environment that is friendly and caring



  • Honestey

  • Integrity

  • Kindness

  • Caring

  • Profesionalism

  • Courtesy

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